In Person Group Classes


Tuesdays – Reformer with ARLENE 9:00am

Tuesdays – Reformer with JENAY 6:00pm

Thursdays – Reformer with ARLENE 7:00am

Saturdays – Reformer with LILA 8:00am

Saturdays – Reformer with LILA 9:00am

Saturdays – Reformer with JENAY 10:00am

Sundays – Advanced Reformer with SARAH 9am – Instructor Approval Required

*Saturday 9/17 Only  – Special Beginner Reformer Class with Arlene at 11am *


Saturday 9/17 – HP Fitness Fundraiser, all proceeds from group classes will be donated to the Highland Park Community Response Fund (8am, 9am, 10am, 11am)

To register setup a MINDBODY ONLINE account to schedule yourself or call 847-926-8490 or email