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Authorized Training Center for Balanced Body Education

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1 week ago

4 Balanced BodyTraining Courses in the next 5 weeks! Click the link https://www.robly.com/archive?id=1ecfeffc81c88e92f0b30b2e206e60d6&v=tru

2 weeks ago

these morning stretches!! 😍🙌🏼

2 weeks ago

Interested in a career as a Pilates Instructor? IT STARTS NOW!
Learn from Master Instructor Jen Lande teaching the entire Balanced Body® Movement Principles Module VIRTUALLY January 7-10, 2021. We ... See more

1 month ago

q u a d⚡️s t r e t c h !!

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1 month ago

Be safe and be healthy this Thanksgiving holiday.
Wishing everyone an upcoming year of health, joy, peace and prosperity!